What We Do

Cultural heritage tours are a great way to promote the preservation of your community’s historic places, but they are often difficult to get off the ground. By working with Histoury, your organization can host successful tours without the usual stress and time commitment.

What buildings, sites, landscapes, and monuments tell your community’s story? Do you want to highlight a certain historical period or focus on a specific style? After consulting with your organization about the history of your community and its historic places, the team at Histoury will plan the itinerary and route, research and develop the tour script, market the event, and facilitate ticket sales.

If you’d like to create a coach bus tour, hire specialized guides and reenactors, have a reception, or complement your tour with a guide book or video, Histoury will handle all of that too! There are many ways to customize your tour – Histoury’s expertise in both tourism and preservation will help you create tours that educate and entertain your audience, showcasing your historic treasures in a fun and memorable experience.