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Captivating Colonial Connecticut

a small clock tower in front of a house

Have you ever wondered where “saltbox” homes got their name? Have you ever wanted to see the inside homes built in the 1700s? Do you want to learn about the people who lived in those homes? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can’t miss Histoury’s architectural history tour of Wilton, Connecticut! 


Settlers arrived in Wilton in the 17th-century, with a written account of the area around 1640. From wilderness to parish to town in 1802, our tour will highlight the homes that were built by these founding Wilton families and continue to beautify the landscape today.


After meeting at the Wilton Historical Society, we’ll hop on charter buses and begin our tour of colonial-era architecture. You’ll travel down streets such as Shadow Lane and Belden Hill, learn about the families who lived in Wilton’s historic homes, and you’ll even have the unique opportunity to tour the interior of several antique homes! 


Join Histoury on March 22nd to learn more about Wilton’s beautifully preserved colonial architecture and have fun along the way! 


To learn more about colonial Connecticut and Wilton, visit, Colonial Houses of Connecticut, and Wilton Historical Society

Article by Carly Civello, Histoury Marketing and PR Intern