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Georgette Blau


Georgette created Histoury to help bring awareness to the historic buildings in our communities and to inspire their preservation. A graduate of Skidmore College with a degree in historic preservation, she is also founder and owner of On Location Tours, one of the world’s largest TV and movie location tour companies. The company, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, hosts over 100,000 tour guests a year in New York City and Boston.

Georgette sits on the board of the Norwalk Preservation Trust in Connecticut, where she grew up. She has been creating their annual house tours since 2011. Georgette currently resides in Westchester with her husband Yoav, son Benjamin, and daughter Zoe.

One of her favorite buildings is the Ukrainian Institute of America in Manhattan.

Allison Casazza

Tour Research and Production Manager

Allison joined the Histoury team to share her passion for architecture and history, believing that advocacy for our cultural resources is most effective when people are given the opportunity to connect with them first-hand. She is excited to bring to our tour guests a new perspective on their communities and a greater appreciation for their architectural heritage.

Allison holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in design studies with a concentration in historic preservation from Boston Architectural College. Her professional and volunteer background includes roles in many disciplines of preservation, including research, surveying, interpretation, and design review. Growing up in Danbury, Connecticut, she was a long-time resident of the greater Boston area and currently lives in central Massachusetts.

She loves Arts and Crafts bungalows and the Shingle style.

Kaela Aalto

Kaela is a rising senior studying art history with a minor in architecture at Barnard College in New York City. While her concentration is in contemporary art, she loves architecture and hopes to pursue a career in architectural design. There is no shortage of architectural inspiration between her two home bases of New York and Boston, but her favorite style is Art Nouveau, and one of her favorite buildings in New York is the Bayard–Condict Building. When she is not in New York, she lives outside of Boston with her parents, younger brother, younger sister, and two dogs.

Noelle Cussell

Noelle is working towards a master’s degree in public relations. She attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, where she received her bachelor’s in public relations, and continues her studies at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in Syracuse. Noelle is from Ft. Lauderdale and currently resides in Albany. She would like to visit the Staats House in Stockport, the oldest house in upstate New York, and has a strong interest in buildings of the Federal style. Some of her biggest passions are entertainment and history so she hopes to be doing public relations in one of those fields after graduation.

Jade Hudson

Jade is an incoming junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying interior architecture and pursuing a certificate in sustainability. She is currently based in Minneapolis, where she grew up and was first introduced to the power and beauty of our built environments. Her passions for design, making, and space are combined with a strong appreciation for historic architecture and the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

One of her favorite architectural styles is Art Nouveau as it is characterized by organic forms, colors, and textures that draw inspiration from plants and nature.

Genevieve Rust

Genevieve is a third-year student at Trinity College Dublin, originally from central New Jersey. Genevieve studies Ancient History and Archaeology with the History of Art and Architecture as a Joint Honors and is passionate about the intricacies and variations of vernacular domestic architecture in Ireland and the American Northeast. She also enjoys the Googie architectural style and Retro-Futurism. Genevieve hopes to work in an archival setting or do field archaeology after graduation. Outside of academia, she spends her time crocheting and playing bass guitar.

Histoury is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.