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Upcoming tours

Complete fall schedule coming soon! Fill out our form with your name and email and we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out a preview of our lineup below.

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Spring and Summer Guided Tours

Fall Guided Tours

More tours and details coming soon, including tours in New York and Massachusetts!

The Sticks of Stony Creek A Victorian Trolley Tour in Branford

September, Stony Creek, Branford, CT

Join us as we tour Victorian-era architecture in Branford’s Stony Creek village. From the comfort of old-fashioned trolleys, we will showcase some twenty historic houses of the Victorian era, including the Stick, Shingle, and Queen Anne styles. Learn about their architecture, histories, and the people that called them home. We will stop at several for unique, inside looks!

The Town of Fairfield, A Haven of History A Bus Tour of Historic Buildings Through the Years

September, Fairfield, CT

Historic buildings in the town of Fairfield date to the 1700s, preserving its colonial origins. Many more historical buildings constructed over the next 200-plus years can also be found, reflecting a delightful variety of architectural styles with unique stories all their own, including the Gothic Revival Jonathan Sturges House, the 19th-century Burr Sherwood Cottage, the historic buildings on the oldest private songbird sanctuary, and many more.

From the comfort of a charter bus, the tour will feature some 20 buildings and homes and include several interior tours.

Architect Frazier Peters, Master of Stone A Bus Tour of His Historic Homes in Westport and Beyond

October, Westport, CT

Join us on our bus tour to see and learn about a collection of this Connecticut icon’s works! Architect Frazier Forman Peters had a signature stone style. Between 1924 and 1936 he designed and built over 40 such stone homes in Westport alone, and many more in surrounding towns. We will see a great collection of some 20 of these homes, discussing their beautiful designs and special histories along the way. Several one-of-a-kind interior tours will also be included!

Revolutionary Ridgefield A Bus Tour of Colonial Homes and Stories

September, Ridgefield, CT

Enjoy an afternoon on our bus tour, where we will explore colonial Ridgefield. In conjunction with Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center, a great collection of the town’s earliest buildings will be highlighted. Learn more about colonial-era architecture and the people and stories connected to these places. Several unique interior tours included!

Creepy Connecticut A Bus Tour of Haunted and Spooky Historic Places

October, Connecticut (locations to follow)

Celebrate Halloween with Histoury on our bus tour of buildings and sites with a spooky side. Colonial witch trial hangings, haunted Victorian homes, abandoned factories and hospitals, and ghost-filled cemeteries—many historic places in Connecticut have a darker past. We’ll explore a collection of these places on this tour, including a deep-dive into their histories and chilling tales.

Midcentury Modern in Wilton A Bus Tour of Historic Homes

November, Wilton, CT

Spend your afternoon on our bus tour, exploring a collection of Wilton’s midcentury modern homes. The wooded hills of Wilton proved to be an ideal and inspiring place for this celebrated architectural style, which emphasized a connection with nature. We’ll tour several interiors, and see many more houses along the way, discussing their design, architects, and some of the people that called them home.