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New Haven’s Union Station Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

New Haven’s Union Station celebrated its 100-year anniversary on April 5th. Opened to the public in 1920, the station was designed by architect Cass Gilbert in the beaux-arts style. The building’s features include its ornate ceilings, elegant chandeliers, high arched windows, and a grand clock suspended from the ceiling. The station underwent significant restoration efforts in the 1980s after a period of decline and near demolition. 

Cass Gilbert also designed the U.S. Supreme Court building, several state capitols, public libraries and museums, and the famed Woolworth building in Manhattan. The station is still in active use and, true to its original purpose, serves as a gateway to the city to this day. As stated by Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, “few stations in the country are as magnificent as this one.” 

To learn more about New Haven’s Union Station, refer to this press release published by, this article by Great American Stations and this article by the Cass Gilbert Society. 

Article by Nick Lorenzo, Histoury Marketing and PR Intern