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City of Norwich Purchases Historic Victorian

On March 14, 2020, the City of Norwich, Connecticut bid just over $32,000 on a historic Victorian-era home. The City was the sole bidder, securing ownership of the Cassidy House, arguably one of Connecticut’s most notable examples of Stick architecture.

Facade of the Cassidy House

Pictured: Partial view of the Dr. Patrick Cassidy House in Norwich, CT.  (Dana Jensen/The Day)

The home’s original owner, Dr. Patrick Cassidy, equipped it with ornate detailing and extravagant amenities like an indoor lavatory, something which was highly sought after and cutting-edge at the time. After years of neglect, the home’s most recent owner restored some of its former glory. Through its purchase, the City of Norwich has the opportunity to ensure that the home will continue to be stewarded by a new owner who will also work to restore its integrity and preserve a significant and unique piece of Connecticut’s heritage.

a wooden door

Pictured: A closer view of some of the house’s original details, including Dr. Cassidy’s name above the main entryway. (Dana Jensen/The Day)

To learn more about the Cassidy House and about Norwich’s historic homes, refer to this article published by the New York Times, this article by Claire Besset of The Day, or visit the Norwich Historical Society website.

Article by Nick Lorenzo, Histoury Marketing and PR Intern