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Redding and the Revolutionary War

Hello everyone! Happy Town Tuesday! Did you know that Redding was home to three encampments during the Revolutionary War? General Israel Putnam held a strategic position there during the winter of 177879, where he was joined by three Continental brigades. Prior to the establishment of these encampments, Redding had been playing its part in the war effort through the formation and deployment of several militia groups. 

a close up of a map

Pictured: Map of Fairfield County featuring Redding in 1758. (Image Source: History of Redding)

To this day, Redding is home to several homes from the colonial period – some of which we hope to visit during our upcoming tour of the area later this year. 

To learn more about Redding’s colonial history, refer to this article published by the History of Redding website, this article by, or visit the Redding Historical Society website.

Article by Nick Lorenzo, Histoury Marketing and PR Intern